thank you to everyone who came to our fundraiser and supported us!


    The Wee Braveheart Foundation was conceived by a young woman by the name of Joanne Mitchell. Joanne was diagnosed with a serious form of cancer in the summer of 2013. While undergoing treatment, Joanne realized that there were not many charities designed to give directly to people going through treatment first hand. Through her own experiences on her journey as well as communication with others undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, she compiled a list of helpful everyday items that would benefit those in similar situations. These items were then placed into “Care Packs” and dispersed at random to those dealing with their cancer treatment.


With the help of 15-20 dedicated volunteers, the Wee Braveheart Foundation has been formed with it's mission to carry on Joanne’s legacy and testament to her strength and bravery throughout her own journey by continuing to put together and distribute bags to people in need. Joanne had hoped that each bag would pass on its own message of hope, strength and bring a little ray of sunshine to those who received them as well as help them through their own journey. Help us keep Joanne's dream and legacy alive by donating to the Wee Braveheart Foundation.

Whats In A 'Care Pack'?

Currently the bag contains roughly 26 items ranging from food for snacks and easy meals, health care products, over the counter medicine to combat nausea and other symptoms created by treatment, a blanket and/or head scarf to keep warm, as well as books, magazines, and other activities to deal with long hours in the treatment clinic. Each item has been carefully chosen and has been successful with the first two rounds of bag handouts. We distribute bags to everyone, adults, adolescents and children. The bags themselves are valued at approximately $200 each.

"...Putting together these packs is her way of giving back. Once again the generosity of people amazes me."
- Anne Mitchell

Do You Know Someone Who Needs a 'Care Pack'?

Bags are free to the recipients thanks to donations and volunteer work. Each bag contains a form to pass along to someone else who is undergoing cancer treatment. The Wee Braveheart Foundation will select each recipient based on the filled out forms and from there the bags will be delivered as necessary. We aim to disperse 10-20 bags a month. We can also take bags to cancer centres and hospitals in bulk and have them handed out at random to patients undergoing treatment as well. (Bags delivered to hospitals will be catered to suit hospital regulations).